Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Fly infosoft is a leading website development company in Bhopal, India based Document Management System Software Solutions company that provides Document Management Software System. Fly infosoft - Document Management System (DMS) is a completely web browser based (web based) Document Management System which is easy to install, and easy to use.
Fly infosoft - Document Management System (DMS) the award-winning document management software solution from Consulting, allows you to spend more time on customer facing activities – instead of on tedious administrative and paper-based chores.

Our Document Management Software licensing, implementation and support packages are affordable for small, medium and large organizations alike. Fly infosoft - Document Management System (DMS) improves the way you Process and Manage your valuable documents, giving you peace of mind as you save time and money.

Management Software creates value for businesses through the following features

• The Document Management Software through a central repository to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, locations or the entire enterprise as well.

• Folders, Sub-folders hierarchy for organizing enterprise documents.

• Comprehensive library services ensure that the EDMS System delivers dynamic check-in and check-out facilities.Users can check out the latest version of a document, check in a new version. Version history is captured along with major and minor versions.

• Enables generation of compound documents and collaborative authoring of documents.

• Comprehensive Folder & Document level operations like move/copy, forward, print, download etc...

• Classification and taxonomy management for ingestion of metadata into the system and reclassification of existing objects.

• Enterprise class search capabilities including federation, profile, index, date based and full text search.

• Annotations on image and electronic documents.

• Extensive reports and audit trails.

• The Document Management Solution is Unicode compliant and offers multi-lingual support.